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NITTEC Mobile App

Be In the Know While You’re On the Go

The free NITTEC app will provide real-time travel information on your mobile device, allowing you to access traffic maps and camera images, travel advisories, border-crossing times, construction alerts, and more — anywhere, anytime. Plus, you can create customized routes and receive personalized alerts to keep you well informed for your daily commute or recreational travel.

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Travel Information

View the latest traffic camera images and maps of major highways across Western New York and Southern Ontario.


  • Incident Alerts
  • Congestion Alerts
  • Customized Routes
  • Traffic Cameras
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Border Crossing Updates

Before you travel between the United States and Canada, check out up-to-date border crossing times for the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge, Rainbow Bridge, and Peace Bridge.

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Travel Advisories

See alerts and details about incidents, traffic congestion, weather-related issues, and more.

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Create an account or log in to create customized routes. You will then automatically receive an alert if an incident or congestion occurs that may impact your route during the times you selected so you can adjust your travel plans accordingly.

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Construction Updates

Find out what roadways are under construction and the impact it will have on your travel.

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How to get the Mobile App

The NITTEC app is available to download on the web and at the major app stores.

NITTEC reminds drivers to refrain from using cell phones or mobile devices while operating a motor vehicle.

Apple App Store, Google Play

To U.S.A.
To Canada
Peace Bridge
Direction Autos Trucks View
To U.S.A. Camera
To Canada Peace Bridge CDN Plaza
Lewiston/Queenston Bridge
Direction Autos Trucks View
To U.S.A. Camera
To Canada L-Q Bdg CA Plaza
Rainbow Bridge
Direction Autos View
To U.S.A. Camera
To Canada Rainbow Bdg Deck toward CA

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